MMS Protocol

The MMS protocol consists of activating MMS (Sodium Chlorite), to produce Chlorine Dioxide.

Chlorine Dioxide supports healthy Immune System function.
Chlorine Dioxide is FDA approved for food contact use,
(Food Contact Substance CAS Reg. No. 10049-04-4).
Chlorine Dioxide has been proven safe for human consumption in clinical trials;
(see link on our home page).
Among other things, Chlorine Dioxide is commonly used as an oral rinse for treating oral disease, (see Wikipedia article on our home page).

The use of this simple, scientifically proven pathogen killer, means that many water borne diseases are now easily controlled. One of the most powerful pathogen killers known to man, Chlorine Dioxide is used extensively in drinking water, food preparation areas, and even on living and harvested produce.
We shouldn't be surprised to find that similar results are obtained in the human body
Pathogens are not able to build up a resistance to Chlorine Dioxide, as they do with many modern day anti-biotics. Scientific trials have been conducted in a prison in the country of Malawi, East Africa. The Malawi government produced identical 99% results.

The man who discovered or invented this protocol has a firm belief that the world has a right to know this information, not just one person or a given group of people having control. In our world today, there are many discoveries and medical facts that are suppressed and kept from the general public. We do not want this information to become one of those statistics, or added to that list, so please help us to pass this information on.

The book "The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millenium" is available from this website.
You will learn how this inexpensive 'Miracle Mineral' was discovered. You will learn how to make it and how to use it effectively. This information could be vital to the saving of your life or that of a loved one or friend.  
Among many other topics, there is a chapter on Chlorine Dioxide and blood chemistry. This is written in such a way that almost anyone will be able to understand and appreciate it. This needs to be read carefully.

There is an overview of the use of MMS covering many of the details, such as how much chemical in a drop, and what not to do with the solution.
It covers more detailed information on what it takes to handle most water borne diseases. It covers how to use the MMS for prevention of many diseases encountered from drinking contaminated water, etc. Other details given include benefits for animals.

There is a separate chapter on how to buy and make a small batch of MMS in your kitchen, and a chapter on how to start manufacturing MMS in your kitchen. These chapters give step by step instructions that anyone can follow.

You will have a detailed explanation of Blood Chemistry and exactly how the MMS works. References are given where most of the data is available, in various medical and chemical explanations.  

You really need a copy of this book, as there is enough important data that has never been known. No family or no person should ever be without this 'Miracle Mineral' ever again.

You may be healthy, and you don't worry much about survival and disease. You should check out the data concerning medical drugs. The greatest cause of death in the USA is medical drugs. More than 970,000 people die each year by some drug-related cause. It can be overdose, using the wrong drug, one may stop taking a drug too soon, or it is often side effects (there is a list of side effects for every drug, and many of them list death. They even mention that in small print on TV when advertising drugs.)
The point being, that if you have a bottle of MMS you can avoid the cause of many diseases (water borne disease), and avoid the drugs that you might need to take otherwise. We don't want to scare you, we just want to help. Everyone needs to know the facts. This is something everyone faces every day. There are 970,000 needless drug deaths each year in America alone. That about equals being a soldier in Iraq. You probably wouldn't consider going to Iraq, yet you face the same possibility of a medical death by just living in the USA.


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