Why the Genesis II Church was established.

It was established to allow people to practice their God-given right to control their own health. Just as a person can go into a Church for protection for political asylum, so we have protection in the Genesis II Church to protect us health wise to take our health sacraments to cleanse our bodies. Could you imagine any government trying to stop any Church from taking their sacraments which they believe are sacred?

We believe our health is sacred and it is our God given right to protect our temples, which are our bodies. Anyone is welcome in the Genesis II Church no matter what beliefs they may have because it is about health not religion. We are a non-religious Church accepting any and all people of the world. It is not about any "one" natural "sacrament" but "all" that is natural that can help the body stay healthy.

Churches (at least those that do not sign up to the government for various tax incentives), have a whole range of freedoms not enjoyed by businesses or companies.

The 'church' protects members from political persecution in sharing the health benefits of MMS and other natural products.

More about the member benefits can be read here;